The Hill Pundits’ Blog — 3/6/2012

Rush Limbaugh is ridiculous. He is appalling. He is not even close to being believable when he says he was “sincere” in apologizing to Sandra Fluke for calling her a “prostitute” and a “slut.”

Even in his apology, on top of his earlier apology, all he seems to focus on is that he used the wrong “words.” He is only semi-apologizing because his lawyers and his agent and his station manager told him to put it all behind him. They were nervous that more advertisers would continue to flee. Follow the money, folks. As of Monday, nine advertisers had pulled the plug.

My guess is that some of his Republican buddies who parrot his talking points told him to zip it — this is not exactly helping our cause in an election year, Rush! But, of course, they are now lashing out because Democrats are using his outlandish behavior to send out email appeals for political cash. Now, that is a real shocker!

Rush Limbaugh has been a source for division and hate and outrageous behavior in America for far too long. He is not an entertainer; there is nothing entertaining or enlightening about his program. It does not move the nation forward one iota. It does nothing to add clarity or coherence to the political discourse.

He is, of course, free to make his tens of millions doing what he’s been doing year after year. But if any of you believe that he is one bit sorry for his behavior, keep on searching for that Tooth Fairy out there.