Peter FennDemocratic media consultant :

Politico 8/11/2012

This is clearly NOT a safe, do-no-harm choice. This is risky and if not totally Palin-redo, it is close. The Ryan-Romney plan for the economy is back to the future, more radical tax cuts for those at the very top and harsh hits on America’s middle class, including tax increases. In addition, Medicare will be unrecognizable under their plan and the social safety net that Ronald Reagan embraced will disappear.

It is a dangerous pick. The Romney-Ryan ticket will either talk generalities and keep the specifics of their economic plan “secret” (think Nixon’s plan to end the Vietnam War) or they will be honest and up front about how they will pay for $5 trillion in tax cuts for the wealthy (think an end to breaks for savings, health care, mortgage interest on your home, child care, etc) – either way they are in deep trouble.

This will solidify the impression of Romney as anti-middle class and the candidate who stands up for the super wealthy in America.