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Hillary’s Place Is at State

November 21, 2012 RSS Feed Print

One thing is crystal clear: Hillary Clinton has been one of our most extraordinary secretaries of state.

And she is in pretty impressive company—from John Jay to Thomas Jefferson to John Marshall to James Madison to John Quincy Adams to William H. Seward to Cordell Hull to Gen. George Marshall to Dean Acheson. And that doesn’t even count the last 60 years!

She has been one of President Barack Obama’s greatest assets, on the front lines day after day, tireless in her pursuits around the world. But she also has a right to be tired and to want to recharge and step out of the whirlwind. Lord knows she has earned it!

As she shuttles off to the Middle East to attempt personal diplomacy and halt the violence between Hamas in Gaza and Israel, it is patently obvious why she is essential. For the past four years she has juggled so many balls in the air and constantly been in the air, more that any secretary of state, ever. She has been knowledgeable, strong, determined, careful, and most of all, effective.

Whether it has been trade and economic issues, ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, dealing with the complexities of our relationship with China, and all the while dealing with human rights and women’s rights issues, Hillary Clinton has truly been on top of it all.

With all the issues on the domestic economic front, the fiscal cliff, immigration reform, putting together a second term cabinet and White House staff, convincing Secretary Clinton to stay on for six months to a year would be invaluable.

For the past four years she has been able to see to it that President Obama does not have to become his own secretary of state, especially important given how full his plate has been at home. By remaining as secretary into 2013 it would not only help the president, it would be a continued great service to the country and our friends around the world.