The circular firing squad

By Peter Fenn – 12/06/12 11:46 AM ET

The Republicans: Really, what is wrong with these guys?

Their answer to a circular firing squad, post-election, is to call in reinforcements! And they continue to fire, one round after another.

Dick Armey and Matt Kibbe blow up FreedomWorks and Armey walks with $8 million. Nice work if you can get it.

Roger Ailes benches Karl Rove and Dick Morris, whose appearances on Fox have been an embarrassment to anything that has the word “news” in it. Their predictions, protestations and total ignorance about the 2012 campaign was eye-opening.
But, remember, it was Dick Morris who predicted in 1998 in The Hill that Bill Clinton would be devastated by a landslide loss in the House of Representative and Republicans would pick up 28 seats. Hmm … Democrats actually gained five seats; you were only 33 off, Dick! And this guy continues to pontificate on TV?

Speaker Boehner whacks four members of his own caucus, removing them from key committees, because they don’t vote his way. Anyone smell a revolt brewing in the basement of the Rayburn Building?

Grover Norquist gets more press than Boehner and is the albatross around his neck. He can’t shut up and instead of concentrating on an agreement that deals with spending and entitlements all these guys can talk about is an unpopular tax break for the top 2 percent of the richest Americans. They really want the fight to be about that?

It is hard to imagine even the Democrats of old engaging in such a continuing example of a circular firing squad. At least we managed to stop firing and didn’t add more people to the circle.

And, unfortunately for the Republicans, there is no sign that this is going to end anytime soon.