The NRA is mentally unbalanced — no, just plain crazy
By Peter Fenn – 01/17/13 05:08 PM EST

The new TV ad from the NRA proves they have gone off the deep end.

They attack President Obama and his children. They intersperse images of guns as they refer to the protection that the president’s daughters receive. They call the president an “elitist hypocrite.”

Sick. Disgusting. Repugnant. Terrifying. All words used on “Morning Joe” to describe the ad and the NRA.

Watch the ad. Judge for yourself. Can anyone in his or her right mind justify a spot like this?

What were the NRA leaders thinking when they created such a shameful spot?

The facts are clear: All children of presidents are protected by the Secret Service. No one has ever, as far as I know, objected to this practice. (Except maybe the children, who would like a little privacy!) No one has ever thought it a good idea to leave the president, the first lady or their kids vulnerable.

The NRA is clearly deranged by airing an ad like this — clearly so hateful and so filled with venom and so out of control that one must question their mental stability.

What possible purpose can it serve to help solve the problem of gun violence in our society? The clear answer: NONE.

Stir up the base, anger the members, pour gasoline on a fire — despicable tactics that reflect more on the NRA than they can ever know.

This ad and this organization’s behavior convinces me that they are in serious need of drastic mental health help.

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