On the Road to a More Progressive Morocco

February 20, 2013 RSS Feed Print

Morocco's King Mohammed VIMorocco’s King Mohammed VI

I just returned from a trip to Morocco sponsored by the State Department and Legacy International. No, this is not a travelogue. And I didn’t ride on camels or play tourist.

My Republican colleague, Rich Galen and I met with political leaders, new women members of parliament, young activists and social service organizers. We had a wonderful dinner with Sam and Sylvia Kaplan at the ambassador’s residence in Rabat and met with embassy staff and the Consul General in Casablanca. We met with business leaders, went to a shelter for unwed mothers, and visited new business startups.

In our 10 days we came away with a myriad of impressions. But, first and foremost, it is hard to escape how important a developing and evolving political system is to a successful future in North Africa and throughout the Middle East.

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