‘The Donald’ to address CPAC

By Peter Fenn – 03/05/13 11:59 PM ET

Heaven help us! Donald Trump has just confirmed that he will join a distinguished group of deep thinkers at the Conservative Political Action Conference next week.

We can’t wait — maybe he will re-ask for the President Obama’s birth certificate, or how about demanding his grades from primary school? Or, better yet, maybe Trump will conduct a seminar on how to avoid paying your taxes and enjoy flying around in taxpayer-sponsored corporate jets?

Really, this is the face of the Republican Party? This is the future of conservatism in the country? William F. Buckley and Ronald Reagan would be turning over in their respective graves.In their press release, CPAC describes Trump as “an American patriot and success story with a massive following among small government conservatives.”

What a group — Sarah Palin is back on stage, so is defeated “fix your bayonets” congressman Alan West, the NRAs low-key Wayne LaPierre, The Heritage Foundation’s Jim DeMint, and, of course, Michele Bachmann.

This will be quite a year for CPAC, after one of the worst elections for Republicans in memory, caused in no small part by the extremism of their candidates and primary season.

Chris Christie, and any other reasonable-thinking Republican, is wise to be as far away from CPAC as jet travel will allow.

Steve Schmidt, McCain’s campaign manager, aptly compared this crowd to the “bar scene from ‘Star Wars.’ ” That would be a kind comparison.

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