Earth to Conservatives: Obamacare Is Working

Right-wing media pundits are searching desperately for signs Obamacare is failing.

WASHINGTON - JANUARY 08: Conservative radio host Laura Ingraham poses on the red carpet upon arrival at a salute to FOX News Channel's Brit Hume on January 8, 2009 in Washington, DC. Hume was honored for his 35 years in journalism.

Earth calling Ingraham.

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Here are the conservative headlines: “Millions of Americans are Losing Their Health Plans,” “100 Million Could Lose Insurance Under ObamaCare.” And from right-wing pundit Laura Ingraham on ABC last Sunday: “Six point, what, five million people lost their policies. We think probably the majority of people who signed up of the 7.5 are people who lost their policies because of Obamacare.”

And ABC gave this woman a contract?

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I get that facts and figures are flying around like so many birds in the spring, but these are resembling flying saucers from the Obama-haters. Earth calling Ingraham.

Plenty of independent observers have been looking at these charges for months. The Washington Post’s Fact Checker gave Speaker John Boehner four Pinocchios when he tried to contend that under Obamacare there was a “net loss” of those covered. PolitiFact also said it was “false.”

Here is how the Wall Street Journal reports the latest: “The Congressional Budget Office expects the law to have reduced the number of uninsured people in the U.S. by 26 million, a slight increase on previous impact projections that put it at 25 million.” That is about a 50 percent reduction. What is scaring those who are saying the last rites for the Affordable Care Act is that it is alive and thriving.

A few months ago they were going bonkers on the cost – it was going to bankrupt America. Oops. That same CBO report now says that lower premiums will drive down the cost over 10 years by a whopping $104 billion less than projected. Yes, that’s billion with a b. As for people who got those notices last year of canceled plans, practically all of them were steered to other plans, got an extension until 2016 or were provided catastrophic coverage.
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Despite their best efforts to undercut and destroy the Affordable Care Act, despite states that are denying Medicaid for the poor, despite tens of millions of dollars spent on TV ads, the real numbers are telling the story.
With every new report on signups, the constant harping by the Laura Ingraham’s of the world looks more and more out of touch.

It is time for them to try the Common Core – and learn a little math.